Baby Strollers Buyer's Guide

A baby stroller is a useful tool at the best of times, but it could be an inconvenience or even a danger to your child if you choose the wrong one. To ensure that does not happen, read on for an idea of how to assess which baby stroller to purchase.

The safety of the child is, of course, the prime concern when you buy a stroller. Check it in terms of stability both when loaded and unloaded before you buy it, so as to not get any nasty surprises somewhere down the line. Similarly check the baby stroller thoroughly for pinch points and sharp corners. Finally pay attention to the belt type, as while a three-point belt might do for occasional outings, a five point belt is best if you think the baby will be in the stroller a lot.

Next, examine the stroller’s suitability for yourself. The height of the handles is of particular relevance to your comfort, so if you and your spouse are of different heights, you might want a stroller with adjustable handles. Similarly make sure that the stroller wheels are enough apart for your feet to fit between them, as otherwise you might end up kicking the wheels at every other step at a faster pace.

Finally, consider the ease-of-use aspects of the stroller you have in mind. If it is a light-weight fold-up stroller, make sure it is easy to fold and unfold. Also check that it has sun shades, a storage basket and a reclining seat. If not, you will find other versions that do. If on the other hand it is a heavy-weight stroller to be used in autumn or winter weather, see if it has got a rain hood, and whether or not the wheels are large enough for the amount of snow, if any, that you expect to have to push it through in the winter. Other features to be reviewed as necessary are size and manoeuvrability, jogging adaptations, car travel systems and strollers with capacity for more than one child, whether it is for one to sit and another to stand or for two children to sit next to one another.

Also review the different baby strollers you encounter in terms of storage baskets, toy bars and snack and drink holders. However note that these kinds of items can be bought separately for your baby stroller, they are of only secondary importance as you make up your mind about which to buy.