How Few Remain: A Novel of the Second War Between the States

How Few Remain A Novel of the Second War Between the States From the master of alternate history comes an epic of the second Civil War It was an epoch of glory and success of disaster and despair A generation after the South won the Civil War America wri

  • Title: How Few Remain: A Novel of the Second War Between the States
  • Author: Harry Turtledove
  • ISBN: 9780345406149
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • From the master of alternate history comes an epic of the second Civil War It was an epoch of glory and success, of disaster and despair1881 A generation after the South won the Civil War, America writhed once in the bloody throes of battle Furious over the annexation of key Mexican territory, the United States declared total war against the Confederate States oFrom the master of alternate history comes an epic of the second Civil War It was an epoch of glory and success, of disaster and despair1881 A generation after the South won the Civil War, America writhed once in the bloody throes of battle Furious over the annexation of key Mexican territory, the United States declared total war against the Confederate States of America once again But this was a new kind of war, fought on a lawless frontier where the blue and gray battled not only each other but the Apache, the outlaw, the French, and the English As Confederate General Stonewall Jackson again demonstrated his military expertise, the North struggled to find a leader who could prove his equal In the Second War Between the States, the times, the stakes, and the battle lines had changed and so would history

    How Few Remain How Few Remain is a alternate history novel by Harry Turtledove.It is the first part of the Southern Victory saga, which depicts a world in which the Confederate States of America won the American Civil War.It is similar to his earlier novel The Guns of the South, but unlike the latter, it is a purely historical novel with no fantastical or science fiction elements.The book received the Just eight pilots remain of the Battle of Britain Few Just eight brave men remain of the near , strong aircrew who served with the RAF Fighter Command during the main Battle of Britain The battle was crucial in stopping a Nazi invasion. Freed From ISIS, Few Yazidis Return To Suffering npr Mar , Freed From ISIS, Few Yazidis Return To Suffering Families, Many Remain Missing A Few Opportunities Remain at The Motherhouse in Portland A Few Opportunities Remain at The Motherhouse in Portland For information or for a tour of the facility at Stevens Ave Portland, please contact Rhonda Harrington at or at August Natural Gas Storage Report Inventories To Remain August Natural Gas Storage Report Inventories To Remain Below Year Minimum For A Few Weeks At Least Few Changes in Global Dairy Top DFA, Dean Remain at Rabobank s report acknowledges that merger and acquisition activity grew in the dairy sector because of cheap capital, but the deals were minuscule compared to other mergers and acquisitions in agriculture during The largest deals in the top were Danone buying WhiteWave and Canada s Saputo buying Australia s Murray Goulburn. Lisa the Vegetarian Lisa the Vegetarian was the first full length episode David X Cohen wrote for The Simpsons His most prominent work for the show to that point had been the Nightmare Cafeteria segment in the season six episode Treehouse of Horror V The idea for Lisa the Vegetarian came to him while he was working on another script for the show. India Marriage India Table of Contents In India there is no greater event in a family than a wedding, dramatically evoking every possible social obligation, kinship bond, traditional value, Weaver, Arizona Ghost Town Picture Gallery Weaver gave new meaning to the word dangerous and made the town of Stanton look tame by comparison Located on the eastern side of Rich Hill, along Weaver Creek, the town was first populated by miners working placer claims on Rich Hill. Human Skin Parasites Mites Human Skin Parasites Delusional Parasitosis People come across insects in every part of their lives Insects, mites and spiders may bite to feed or to defend themselves, leaving annoying itchy

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    2 thoughts on “How Few Remain: A Novel of the Second War Between the States

    1. Dr Harry Norman Turtledove is an American novelist, who has produced a sizeable number of works in several genres including alternate history, historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction.Harry Turtledove attended UCLA, where he received a Ph.D in Byzantine history in 1977.Turtledove has been dubbed The Master of Alternate History Within this genre he is known both for creating original scenarios such as survival of the Byzantine Empire an alien invasion in the middle of the World War II and for giving a fresh and original treatment to themes previously dealt with by other authors, such as the victory of the South in the American Civil War and of Nazi Germany in the Second World War His novels have been credited with bringing alternate history into the mainstream His style of alternate history has a strong military theme.

    2. 1.5 stars. Pretty well written, but DRY as a desert. Great setting for the future novels but this book was a SLOG, SLOG, SLOG to get through. I will probably read the next book in the series at some point because I love the premise (and I am obviously a glutton for punishment) but I did not really like this one. Nominee: Nebula Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (1999)

    3. RE-READ REVIEW: I’m not sure what motivated me to read this one again. As you can see by my review below, I was bored to tears by it the first time around. I guess I just had a nagging feeling I didn’t approach it correctly or expected something different. Not hurting matters is the fact that I already bought the second book in the series and its concept (WW1 fought between the CSA and USA) is a great one. Well, it certainly was more of a fun read this time around. It’s just not really abo [...]

    4. This book really made me think. I'd read one of his other novels, Guns of the South, in which time travellers bring the AK-47 to the Confederacy, allowing them to win the Civil War.This novel was quite different. It starts with a simple premise; what if Lee's orders hadn't been lost and recovered by the North? In Turtledove's eyes, it allowed the South to pull off a win, and backed by the recognition of the British and French governments, were able to establish and solidify the Confederate State [...]

    5. I consider myself a Civil War history nut. One of the things that has always fascinated me is the fact that there are SO many "what-ifs." So many things happened, as if by chance, that if they wouldn't have occurred the way they did, the entire war might have ended differently. "What if Lost Order No. 191 was never lost?" and "What if Stonewall Jackson had lived?" are two big ones many people have wondered about. Here Harry Turtledove examines what might have happened if the "Lost Order" was nev [...]

    6. At first I was disappointed that the book focused almost exclusively on historical people, because I was interested in imagining what life would be like for the common person if the South had won the Civil War. But I soon realized that the people who were made famous in our history weren't necessarily rising to fame in this alternative history. Where would Mark Twain be without a defeated South? A newspaper editor in San Francisco. Where would Lincoln be if the North hadn't defeated the South? A [...]

    7. I recently started listening to books on CD in my car. The second one I worked through is How Few Remain, which is an alternate history novel based on the assumption that the South won the Civil War. First of all, I have a problem with the plausibility of the premise. I don't think one minor event (as in the book) could have changed the course of the war -- I think the industrial might of the North pre-determined the outcome. I was glad to see an essay in the book Alternate Gettysburgs from a pr [...]

    8. This is the first book in Harry Turtledove's alternate history TL-191 (Timeline-191) series, which consists of this stand-alone volume, plus two further trilogies, the American Front series and the American Empire series.The premise is that Special Order 191 (thus TL-191) by General Robert Lee was not lost as in actual history, but was put into action and caused the defeat of Union forces. Ultimately this caused the recognition of the Confederacy by Great Britain and France, creating two major A [...]

    9. The first piece of Turtledove I've ever read, and--I would argue--still one of my favorites.I think Turtledove is his best when he combines historical and non-historical characters. Furthermore, I appreciate when he gives a little more variability to those he selects as viewpoint characters. In this work, we have Abraham Lincoln, the disgraced former President, and Frederick Douglass, to provide the reader with two immensely unique views. I think I enjoy it more because, by actually telling the [...]

    10. All fiction asks "what if?" (What if a boy named Huck Finn ran away with a slave named Jim and sailed the Mississippi?) Science Fiction and Fantasy do this to an even greater extent (What if a scientist was able to re-animate a human corpse using lightning?) Within Sci-Fi & Fantasy the sub-genre of Alternative History takes actual events from History and asks what if they had happened differently (What if Hitler's Germany had won World War II?) Harry Turtledove is considered the master of Al [...]

    11. Alternate history is such a complicated but interesting field of writing. I love imagining the world as it might have been, and from Turtledove's more wild flights of fantasy (The World War II series where aliens invade in 1942, for instance) to his more pointed, alternate-for-the-sake-of-reading-historical-figures pieces (like the excellent "Guns of the South") he proves himself a thorough historian and an imaginative fiction writer.I have my issues with the way Turtledove likes to write from s [...]

    12. I'm actually a little shocked that I hadn't read this before. Seriously? Revisionist history about if the South had won? Lincoln a Socialist? Custer a crazy person? Stonewall Jackson alive? FREAKING LONGSTREET FOR PRESIDENT?!?!?! So yeah, the book is pretty much right up my alley. But the book is LOOOOOOONG. And I read trashy fantasy, so I have a pretty high tolerance for lengthy books. Even I started to fade about 60% in (according to my Kindle). It's possible I just wasn't in the mood for such [...]

    13. Fantastic book. Unfortunately, Harry Turtledove's writing style as well as themes do get repetitive. However, this is more than made up for by his spectacular glimpses into what-if. I recommend the entire 11 book saga. The Great War: American Front The Great War: Walk in HellThe Great War: BreakthroughsBlood & Iron The Center Cannot Hold The Victorious Opposition Return EngagementThe GrappleDrive to the EastIn at the Death

    14. Alternate history has been something I have, with some notable exceptions, shunned since its rise to prominence in the early '90s on the assumption that it lends itself to lazy writing: don't like the circumstances? just change the world to suit!The exceptions prove the rule: Robert Harris' 'Fatherland' and Philip K. Dick's 'The Man in the High Castle'.As Turtledove is the name most associated with the form I felt the need to read something by him to validate my assumptions.The setting of the st [...]

    15. I'm afraid I read this one out of order. Back last year, I happened to stumble across The Great War: American Front, which tells a tale of World War I in a world where the Confederate States of America is an actuality. The characters in the book referred, from time to time, about a second War between the States that had occurred in the 1880s and had served to create deeper divisions between the North and the South. I found myself wishing that I could also read that tale, foolishly unaware that i [...]

    16. While well-written, deeply descriptive, and obviously thoroughly researched - the novel left me feeling just ho-hum. While the premise of the South winning the civil war, and then another war breaking out is intriguing and exciting, I feel this book doesn't live up to the potential. I love the characters in this book. All are well-developed. The narrative is descriptive to the point that I can see it clearly in my mind. However, it fails to live up to the grand scope that "second civil war" brin [...]

    17. Fun alternative history! Pivotal event is during the Civil War, just prior to Antietam, when an aide to Lee drops the battle plans for Union troops to find later. As a result, the North wins Antietam, England and France comes in on the Union side, and the South ultimately loses the war. In this version, those papers are NOT dropped, and the South wins the war in 1862. The major part of this book takes place in 1881, when the CSA purchases the states of Sonora and Chihuahua from Mexico, enabling [...]

    18. An alternate history, the start of a multi-volume Harry Turtledove series based on this first one. The premise: a Confederate army message on the road to Antietam that didn't go missing in this time-line and a war that went in a different direction. It's now 1881, the USA and CSA are close to war again, and some figures that didn't survive our history are very much, vividly alive here and still going: George Armstrong Custer, still fighting Indians, and Stonewall Jackson, now leading the Confede [...]

    19. In all honesty, the character development as well as the writing itself wasn't of a standard that made me want to continue reading a ELEVEN or so book series. Lazy repetition, characters which all seemed the same.

    20. I wanted to like this book, (thought the premise was brilliant,) but his writing style did not work at all with my brain. Every page was a struggle. Too bad.

    21. Would have been four stars, but took away half a star in revenge for sex It was a near miss for the Confederacy when General Robert E. Lee's aide recovered a document he'd lost, that detailed Lee's entire plan for the invasion of the Union in 1862. Just imagine the disaster that would have befallen those brave Southern boys had that document fallen into Yankee hands! Mercy!Oh wait, that's not how it happened? Pardon me. I'm from Wyoming. Our school system teaches Wyoming history, to which accoun [...]

    22. This is not a book. This is a fanfiction of history. Turtledove does not develop his own characters, he pulls some ready made characters out of history and drops them in a plot of his own making. And that plot is wonderful. He clearly has put a lot of thought into his premise, making reasonable guesses about the course of history if the South maintained it's Independence. But that does not excuse the lack of character creation. This book includes Lincoln, Custer, Theodore Roosevelt, Stonewall Ja [...]

    23. This is a cleverly executed take on "if the South had won the Civil War" novel that takes place about 20 years after the war. It's jam packed with actual historic characters, including military and political figures (Abraham Lincoln, Jeb Stuart, Teddy Roosevelt, Stonewall Jackson, and George Custer are prominent, as are writers such as Frederick Douglass and Samuel Clemens. There are tons of other real people in the novel, and you may find it worthwhile to look up practically every character as [...]

    24. This book took a little while to get going, but once everybody got moved into place, the story took off and the pace didn't relent until near the end.This book was a very enjoyable look at what things might have looked like had a few things changed the way the Civil War turned out. I have only a passing knowledge of the events of the Civil War, but I was able to pick up on enough references (and google those I didn't fully understand), to get a solid depth of understanding out of this book. I'd [...]

    25. Great work of alternate history This work just makes the most sense when it comes to changing the outcome of the American Civil War. Removing the battle of Antietam for history, thus allowing Lee to invade the north on the first try, not only gives the Confederates more victories but also removes the Emancipation Proclamation from history as well. Watching the events unfold after change was really interesting. The main characters still very much acting like themselves but in different situations [...]

    26. Through the eyes of multiple famous characters of American history, Turtledove explores a world of a Confederate victory in fascinating detail. I was kept captive by the level of detail Turtledove puts into his characters, exploring the possible avenues of life they would have taken in such a world. Also, through the shifting of the narrative from the cast of characters present, we are taken coast to coast across the front line and we see the varying perspectives on issues of war, society and th [...]

    27. On paper this sounded like a good idea: I like the US civil war period, and alternate history is cute. Throw in the genre's best known author, and it should make for a very good novel.And then we get to the unending info-dumps. The same historical characters doing caught in almost the same historical situations. Minute descriptions of military movements, equipment, regimental strength, and so on. Each time I reopened the novel, I found it difficult to grasp at which point in the story this was.I [...]

    28. I've decided to reread the 11 book Timeline-191, or Southern Victory series. The premise is simple. The Confederacy is able to force a mediated victory and becomes an independent nation. This novel picks up the action in 1881 with a disgraced Abraham Lincoln riding the rails as a labor organizer, the CSA buying two states from the Empire of Mexico, and a second war breaking out between the US and the CSA.It's a fun read, filled with alternate visions of historical characters and interesting scen [...]

    29. Good historical presentation of what could have been. Good grip and understanding of the period. The story did feel as if dragged out for the sake of adding more historical figures. Lincoln's story line struck me as an interwoven reminder that he was not assassinated in 1865 and much of his story seemed irrelevant to the over arching plot. I still enjoyed the book and finished it, but it didn't inspire me to complete the series.

    30. I have read Mr. Turtledove's work in the past and it was refreshing to hop into another novel of alternate history. Mr. Turtledove's characters are well rounded and his stories are full of many interesting "what if's". Can't wait to pick up the next novel in this series.FYI - if you are politically correct, or easily offended, then this will most likely not be a series for you. Just pick up a story that ends HEA.

    31. One of the greatest novels i have ever read. Harry Turtledove truely is the Master of Alternate History.

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