Silverwing One of Canada s best books for young readers was written by a pretty young writer himself Kenneth Oppel who had his first book published when he was really hit his stride a dozen years later with

  • Title: Silverwing
  • Author: Kenneth Oppel
  • ISBN: 9780606163125
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One of Canada s best books for young readers was written by a pretty young writer himself Kenneth Oppel, who had his first book published when he was 18, really hit his stride a dozen years later with Silverwing, the first volume in a thrilling adventure trilogy set in the nocturnal world of bats that immediately captured the attention of middle readers and award juries aOne of Canada s best books for young readers was written by a pretty young writer himself Kenneth Oppel, who had his first book published when he was 18, really hit his stride a dozen years later with Silverwing, the first volume in a thrilling adventure trilogy set in the nocturnal world of bats that immediately captured the attention of middle readers and award juries alike.

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    2 thoughts on “Silverwing

    1. I was born in 1967 in Port Alberni, a mill town on Vancouver Island, British Columbia but spent the bulk of my childhood in Victoria, B.C and on the opposite coast, in Halifax, Nova ScotiaAt around twelve I decided I wanted to be a writer this came after deciding I wanted to be a scientist, and then an architect I started out writing sci fi epics my Star Wars phase then went on to swords and sorcery tales my Dungeons and Dragons phase and then, during the summer holiday when I was fourteen, started on a humorous story about a boy addicted to video games written, of course, during my video game phase It turned out to be quite a long story, really a short novel, and I rewrote it the next summer We had a family friend who knew Roald Dahl one of my favourite authors and this friend offered to show Dahl my story I was paralysed with excitement I never heard back from Roald Dahl directly, but he read my story, and liked it enough to pass on to his own literary agent I got a letter from them, saying they wanted to take me on, and try to sell my story And they did.

    2. I began reading this novel because my grandson in the fourth grade was reading it. He was enthusiastic about this book and I wanted to show interest in his school work. The areas of study are endless! (character studies, friendship, compare the various bat characters with people you might knowleads conversation into bullying, deceitful people, friends vs enemies, creative writing and nature studies etc.) This is a beautifully written novel which gives descriptions and facts in an interesting man [...]

    3. Who writes a book about bats? Kenneth Oppel does! And he does it extremely well. The characters are all very realistic and I felt like I was watching real bats with the descriptions and actions. One of my favorite things that still blows my mind about this book is that the author admits to using only 'black', 'white', and 'silver' as colors in the book. I didn't even notice, but now that I know it's very amazing to me. Kudos to Kenneth Oppel and his great writing.

    4. Silverwing is just amazing! I read it in just a day, and that's no small feat for me! It was just so capturing! It was quite fast-paced I found, but I liked that for a change!It was just un-put-down-able! The story-line is very original, which I loved, and is about bats! This is my very first bat fiction story that I've read, and it had made me have a taste for bat stories!This is a flawless and exciting story I found myself cheering and wishing Goth and Throbb would just hurry up and die! a [...]

    5. 2.75I saw this book recommended in a group recently, and it sounded like it could be fun. The fact that it fits an October month challenge, along with the fact that my local library actually had it in the shelves, pushed it up the line a bit.It was a cute adventure story about a runt silverwing bat who is smart and curious and questions things, when most of his colony goes along with the status quo out of (justified) fear. His biggest adventure happens when, during a storm, he gets separated fro [...]

    6. A message from my 10 year old self: This is an excellant book! It is all about the journey of a young bat, and what he encounters. I learned quite alot, not like it's true or anything (but it might!) and I didn't get bored. I read it in approximately a day. Bullies, friends, myths and lots more fun stuff is jammed into this great novel! Congrats Oppel!

    7. Being a fan of bats, I was very pleased to find this new trilogy, with bats as the main characters! The hero's quest to find his colony, as well as unraveling layers of legend and mystery surrounding an ancient prophecy, was fun. I especially liked the aerial action scenes and the description of echolocation.

    8. This is my favorite book EVER. Kenneth Oppel is an amazing author, and this fantasy is nothing short of AMAZING. Although, the characters and emotions are so realistic, I can hardly believe it is a fantasy. Bats are my favorite animals, so you could see why I loved the characters. But the characters' personalities and emotions will catch anyone's interest, even a person who doesn't like bats. A mixture of adventure, friendship, and thrill, this novel left me hungry for more, so I went on to read [...]

    9. I read this book a long time ago and a few of the concepts in it stuck with me I liked the idea of the echo-chamber that houses all the knowledge of the bats, just like we have books (or now the internet). It's a one-star because the characters are bland, the theme is boring, and the 'message' is too weak even for a children's book.

    10. I loved it, it was a inspiring story of a small bat who's bravery is anything but small and determination of a fierce character. The story is wonderfully written and beautiful.

    11. for some reason i remember this being one of the first novels i read in grade 2-3? wow, memories. i also read it out of order. the more you know. firewing, silverwing, sunwing. yay.

    12. Wow, this book was excellent! Animal fantasy using bats as the main characters - you have to be creative to pull something like that off. I forget where I saw a recommendation for this series, but, initially, I thought, no way. Then I saw it at a used bookstore for cheap and bought the first two books. Partway into the first, I realized that this series is special. There's some odd relationships going on in the book, but I'm assuming that Oppel is laying out the immaturity of the main characters [...]

    13. I did not enjoy the book even though it was a nice storyline as it had way too many weird religious ideas imprinted into the characters, especially for a children's book.

    14. I'm wavering between 2 stars and 3 stars for this book. I think if I had read this as a child, I would have rated it higher. A perpetually-curious outcast who has to overcome the odds, try to figure out some mysteries, avoid bad guys, make new friends, and manage to make his first winter migration without the rest of his colony. Oppel creates a unique world with the bats' perspective and varying mythologies/beliefs about how to solve the problems of their world. My one problem with the book was [...]

    15. Well this book was a pleasant surprise. Many years ago I read the prequel to this series by Kenneth Oppel and thoroughly enjoyed it.That said it was many years ago and this book was certainly intended for a younger audience and it showed in the brevity of the book itself and in the simplicity of the storyline. Aside from that I don't have any real complaints about this book.The story whilst simple is well constructed and is always moving and keeping you interested as a reader young or old. It re [...]

    16. It was initially hard for me warm to the idea of a book with bat protagonists (not that I don't like bats--I'm just not a big "novels about animals" girl) but I loved Oppel's "Airborn" series and was eager for more of his work. I'm very glad I gave "Silverwing" a try. It is an exciting and thoughtful adventure with a courageous and sensitive hero I ended up being very fond of--bat wings and all! While I don't think the overall story is quite as enjoyable nor the secondary characters as well-deve [...]

    17. "Silverwing" is a colony of small dark bats, migrating south, ahead of runt Shade. Swept out to sea by a storm, he meets older Marina, banished by Brightwings who thought her band was a poison curse. She asks to join Shade's colony, led by a banded elder. They believe bands are a sign of divine promise that bats will regain the day, against present owl law. Every stranger has beliefs that challenge and rock Shade's, reminding us to question everyone. I don't like children who misbehave and endan [...]

    18. This book will teach you a lot of things about bats, not the least of which is the distinction between the taste of mosquitoes and moths. Who knew? But that's what makes this book so delightful. Author Kenneth Oppel creates such a richly detailed animal kingdom, that before you know it, you are caught up on the updraft of adventure, following young Shade through the intricate worlds of bats, owls, pigeons, and all the rest. My favorite part is the echo chamber, where all the stories of the bats [...]

    19. I really wasn't sure if I was actually going to be into reading a book about bats but honestly it surprised me. I've wanted to read this series for awhile but only finally picked it up. Quite a bit darker then I thought it would be but still pretty good.Goth and his companion are actually pretty scary. I love that they have their own gods, their own superstitions and their own history of wars with other creatures. I can't find the right words to express how impressed I am that you never forget t [...]

    20. At first, it seemed to be a little slow, but once the story takes off, it becomes a real page turner. I liked how the author describes the world without using color. It's done so well, that I didn't miss color in the descriptions of what Shade, the protagonist bat, sees. Also, the author kept me engaged with the characters by describing the sights and sounds through the characters sense of sight, smell, hearing and more importantly, through echolocation.Fun read and will probably read the next i [...]

    21. A really fine and fun book. I'm an adult but when I saw this at a bookstore and that it was about bats I just had to pick it up. I loved it so much I immediately went out and got the sequel, which is also very good. I know there is another sequel to, which I've got on my list to buy.As a kid I always loved stories that gave life and character to animals, and this is a fitting successor to the great works of Jim Kjelgaard and other such writers who did it for me.

    22. Kenneth Oppel is the only author I know who has used bats as protaganists, and the reward to the reader is a unique glimpse into a bat's black and white world. (No colors are used in descriptions in the book.) The main character Shade's longings and affections are remarkably human and the bat rituals and culture are believable. Complex allusions to human behavior, religion and culture make this a story with legs and one I would happily read again.

    23. Exciting adventure with what I found to be a major discourse on religious/cultural exploration and discovery. The book also features some quite dark themes that I didnt expect to find in a kids book, but maybe I don't read enough 90s kid lit anymore!Very batty. I would recommend for fans of the Warriors series and other animal-POV adventure books.

    24. J’ai choisi de lire ce livre que je ne connaissais pas du tout car il s’agit d’un des coups de cœur de Dan de sa lointaine jeunesse. Il m’a dit encore et encore que je devais absolument lire cette saga qui se compose de 4 livres plutôt axés jeunesse et aventure[CHRONIQUE] -> pugoscope/1048-silverwing-t

    25. Shade and Marina make for great, sympathetic heroes; and Goth makes for a truly terrifying villian.

    26. Darum geht'sKlappentext»Schatten« wird er genannt und er gilt als der Schwächste unter den jungen Fledermäusen der Silberflügel-Kolonie. Doch Schatten ist auch neugierig und mutig. Eines Tages wird er es allen zeigen: Er rettet seine Kolonie aus höchster Gefahr. Als ihr Anführer verteidigt Schatten die Fledermäuse vor feindlichen Angriffen der Eulen und erlebt auf seinen nächtlichen Streifzügen Abenteuer, wie sie noch keine Fledermaus bestehen musste. Und schließlich lüftet Schatten [...]

    27. I remember picking this up at the library as a young child and being blown away. I recently reread this book (because I could always reread Kenneth Oppel's books for the billionth time). Shade is a bat (yes, a bat, but a cute one, come on, I can't be the only ones to find bats cute), a silverwing bat. The race of bats are forbidden to look at the sun because they did not take sides during a battle between beasts and birds. The only thing is that Shade wants to see the sun. He causes many problem [...]

    28. Silverwing by Kenneth OppelReview by: Javier Sarria1. What did you think the book was about? I think Silverwing was a story about a bat born the youngest and as a “Runt”. The bat’s name was Shade, in the story he gets into trouble, with his leader’s law, and put them in danger. When Shade and his family were migrating for the winter, Shade gets separated from the pack and is lost during the winter. Shade is scared and alone, while he needs to find his family and friends before winter sta [...]

    29. SilverwingKenneth OppelFebruary Book Report Silverwing is the story of a young bat named Shade, and his adventures. Shade saw the sun, which was an unspeakable act among bats and resulted in their colony's home being burnt down. The entire colony then moves south to their winter home. In a storm, Shade gets separated and meets Marina, a banded bat. The two embark on an adventure together, flying through cities and meeting two giant cannibal bats named Goth and Throbb. At first Goth and Throbb se [...]

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