Ajax (Translations from Greek Drama)

Ajax Translations from Greek Drama Written in the fifth century B C Sophocles tragedy concerns the shame and death of Ajax a Greek who had won fame for his prodigious strength in the Trojan War A brutal farewell to the valor and value

  • Title: Ajax (Translations from Greek Drama)
  • Author: Sophocles Shomit Dutta John Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780521655644
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • Written in the fifth century B.C Sophocles tragedy concerns the shame and death of Ajax, a Greek who had won fame for his prodigious strength in the Trojan War A brutal farewell to the valor and values of the heroic world, the play moves through a series of reversals old allies become enemies, honor becomes disgrace, and divine power becomes temporal authority.

    Ajax play Sophocles Ajax, or Aias e d k s or a s Ancient Greek , gen , is a Greek tragedy written in the th century BCE Ajax may be the earliest of Sophocles seven tragedies to have survived, though it is probable that he had been composing plays for a quarter of a century already when it was first staged It appears to belong to the same WebAIM Accessibility of AJAX Applications What is AJAX AJAX is a smorgasbord of web technologies put together to allow dynamic client server interactions to occur in web applications without requiring pages to reload or refresh. Helemaal niets in Amsterdam PSV Ajax Apr , World s Best Football Ultras Chants With Translated Lyrics Boca Juniors, Liverpool and Duration SL Football , views Cloud Translation API documentation Google Cloud Platform The Cloud Translation API can dynamically translate text between thousands of language pairs The Cloud Translation API lets websites and programs integrate with the translation service programmatically. Foundation for International Services, Inc Translations This application is for a translation only service If you need an evaluation of your education in addition to the translation, please use our evaluation application. Our exceptional translators specialize in over languages, including Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and many . Google APIs Explorer You can create credentials, enable disable APIs, and manage quota in the Google Developers Console. Juicy Studio Making Ajax Work with Screen Readers JAWS merely announces the text that has focus to the user, and doesn t report the element as being an edit box Unfortunately, it is impossible to get Home Page Reader HPR to work at all, even though it supports scripting, because it doesn t support the focus method Back to the contents Structuring Content for Ajax Applications There are several approaches that can be used to structure Free Translation Online For Fast Free Translator Language Marketplace is certified to ISO and CGSB. for Translation Services These Standards are often used as a defining factor in determining if you are What Does carpe diem Mean Translations by Dictionary Carpe diem is a Latin phrase meaning seize the day The saying is used to encourage someone to make the most of the present rather than dwelling on the future Life is fleeting YOLO Bootstrap File Input Kartik Krajee File Upload Features With release , the plugin now also includes inbuilt support for AJAX Uploads and selectively adding or deleting files.

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      417 Sophocles Shomit Dutta John Harrison
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    1. Sophocles born c 496 bc, Colonus, near Athens Greece died 406, Athens , Greek German editions Sophokles, Russian , French editions Sophocle was an ancient Greek tragedy playwright Not many things are known about his life other than that he was wealthy, well educated and wrote about one hundred and twenty three plays of which few are extant One of his best known plays is Oedipus the King Oedipus Rex.

    2. “To mock foes, is that not the sweetest mockery?”Athena’s cruel words leave Odysseus hesitant in the opening scene of Ajax, one of Sophocles’ most intense and dramatic plays. The powerful Goddess has made the Greek hero Ajax lose his mind and fight herds of cattle instead of men in his delusion. To make his shame perfect, she wants Odysseus to see his disgrace. When Odysseus refuses, she mocks him, asking provocatively if he is afraid of a madman. And the clever Odysseus answers, without [...]

    3. Psychosis and the Trojan War20 March 2012 On the 9th of March 2012 an American patrol was travelling through Afghanistan when their vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb. Of the occupants two were severely injured (I believe they lost limbs). Two days later, on the 11th March 2012, one of the soldiers that had escaped injury took up an assault rifle, left the camp, and proceeded to slaughter 16 Afghani civilians from two villages. This event hit the media like a storm, and as of the writing of t [...]

    4. this series, The Greek Tragedy in New Translations, pairs scholars & poets for bangin' translations of plays by aeschylus, euripides, sophocles, etc & the editors' foreword itself got me pretty psyched; these guys seem to be really hardcore about their convictions regarding quality translations, & i'm totally going to check out some othersat said, in this translation pevear steps down from bein' all scholarly-like & lets herbert golder do that work, & omg does he ever; it's f [...]

    5. أحببت جدا شعرية النص فكنت أقرأ وأشاهد وكأن الشخصيات تتجسد أمامي على مسرح نص في منتهى الجمال

    6. فاكرين فيلم Troy :) أجاكس في الفيلم بيموت :) عادي المخرج عاوز كده !، لكن الحقيقة ان أجاكس في الأساطير الإغريقية كان لسه لدوره بقية بيحكيها لنا سوفوكليس في مسرحيته (Ajax)و اللي بتبدأ من بعد موت (أخيل) من بعد الفيلم يعني :) و من بعد اقتراع (مشكوك في نزاهته!) بيتم مابين (أوديسيوس) و (أجاكس)ع [...]

    7. “İlyada”daki Achilleus’tan sonraki en güçlü kahraman olarak kabul edilen Aias’ın trajik sonunu konu alan Sophocles’in aynı isimli oyunu “Ajax / Aias”, ünlü yazarın ilk oyunlarından olması sebebiyle “Elektra” ve “Kral Oidipus” gibi diğer oyunlarına kıyasla biraz daha zayıf bir tablo çiziyor. Hikayenin ilk yarısında yapılan haksızlık nedeniyle Odysseus, Agamemnon ve Menelaus’tan intikamını almak isteyen Aias, Athena yüzünden kandırılır ve bir gru [...]

    8. Ayante guarda similitudes con Antígona. Si ésta no podía enterrar a su hermano Polinices por orden de Creonte, aquí es Menelao y Agamenón los que quieren dejar insepulto el cuerpo sin vida de Ayante, el cual al ver que las armas de Aquiles van a parar a Odiseo en lugar de a él, se trastorna y mata unas reses cuando cree estar ajusticiando a Odiseo y los suyos, cual don Quijote embistiendo molinos. Cuando vuelve en sí, Ayante, decide quitarse la vida con la espada que le dio Héctor, duran [...]

    9. Yet I feel his wretchedness. My enemy, yes, but caught up in a terrible doom. My doom, too. I see that now. All we who live, live as ghosts of ourselves. Shadows in passing. Thus speaks Odysseus, with regard to Aias who has – in a blind and savage spell of madness, inspired by Athena – slaughtered his fellow Greek's spoils of war (cattle, sheep, etc.), while thinking that he was actually taking revenge on Menelaus and Agamemnon after they had corruptly awarded the fallen Achilles' armor to O [...]

    10. Ajax: RARRRR!!! *kills lots of sheep*Ajax: Ajax: *feels much shame* i should kill myselfTecmessa: don't do it hoe Teucer: don't do it bro Ajax: *kills self anyway*Tecmessa & Teucer: well great. now our lives are f'd. Menelaus: trololol hope the birds eat ur face Odysseus: guys maybe we shouldn't be jerks Agamemnon: fine whatevs Ajax: *gets buried*

    11. Teucro Manda alto diss a Menelau. Agamémnon manda alto diss a Teucro. Ulisses pela primeira vez não é um fdp

    12. Sophocles wrote a few plays centered around war and Odysseus; this is probably one of the most famous out of them as well as the best-written of them all. Ajax focuses on the title character, who is a revered warrior whom many people may remember from Homer's Iliad. However, this particular story centers mainly around the downfall of the hero, whose warlike nature drives him to almost kill his friends; his guilt is what really gets him in the end. Ajax himself is not necessarily a bad man, but h [...]

    13. Ye have been warned. Spoilers abound. (But if you know anything about tragedies you know where this is going)I love works that expand upon The Iliad. Whether it be characters or scenes, it's always fun to learn more about the Trojan War. Ajax is similar to Antigone because it involves the justice pertaining to the way a body is dealt with. It also involves oracles and prophecy like many of Sophocles's plays, but Ajax has unfortunately left his tent before he can hear it. The first part of the pl [...]

    14. First of all, Aias (the title in my edition) is Ajax - Big Ajax, the hero of the Trojan War. There, I saved you from "who the fuck even is this guy." Ajax plays a big role in The Iliad. At one point he defends the Achaean fleet from the Trojans single-handedly while Achilles is off sulking. But after the war Achilles's armor, which amounts to the Heisman Trophy of the war, is given to wily Odysseus after his speech about it proves more eloquent. Ajax is so pissed off that he goes on a murderous [...]

    15. It is impossible to dislike such a masterpiece! The Ájax's tragedy is basically about the pride of a powerfull warrior who seeks victory without the Gods help and infuriate them because of his behaviour. His disgrace is the disgrace of all his family and his men, as we can see in their lament, and his salvation (but only to himself)is his death. What I like the most in this book is about Ajax's sense of pride who refuses to bend in whatever situation, against whoever be, but mostly, the dialogu [...]

    16. Eski Yunan tragedyalarinda tanrilara ve olulere saygi gostermek oldukca onemli, aksi takdirde en kuvvetli kahramanlarin basina bile olmadik belalar musallat olabiliyor.

    17. Hincha del Áyax que se suicida para darle grandeza a la inteligencia de Ulises. Si este muchacho hubiese formado parte de los 47 ronin la lectura sería otra, no tanto de una muerte insulsa sino de una heroica.

    18. İlyada'yı okurken Troya'ya karşı savaştığı için Aias'tan hoşlanmamıştım ama bu kitapla birlikte en azından Aias'a saygı duymaya başladım.

    19. 3.5 starsWhat I found interesting in this play is the way everyone speaks of Ajax after he dies, where we find out what the Achaeans thought of him. There's also an interesting similarity to Antigone when they start discussing what is to be done with his body.

    20. A beautiful tragedy by the great Ancient Greek master Sophocles that is centered around key values and themes, which are glory (kleos, as perceived then), social shame, anger, hatred, and stubbornness. Ajax the hero is full of hatred and aggressiveness because he was not awarded the god-made (Hephaestus) armor of the Geek hero Achilles, after his death. Although Ajax was subject to a trick by the goddess Athena (in response to an insult she had received from him previously, displayed in his prid [...]

    21. What seemed like a simple tragedy of one soldier's suicide and the ensuing discussion of his burial soon became a more nuanced examination of selfishness vs. communal compromise. Ajax chooses to go it alone at every turn, rejecting any help from gods or man. He believes he can win battles or right wrongs on his own. It's a selfishness that isolates him, leading him to the ultimate act of selfishness--taking his own life. Ironically (and this is where the play became fascinating for me), the comm [...]

    22. En su contexto, el suicidio de Áyax parece ilustrar el paso de una era heroica a una era política, de la guerra como éxtasis furioso provocado por Ares a la guerra como arte estratégico regido por Atenea. También podría aplicarse aquella máxima haeckeliana de que la ontología recapitula la filogenia y ver en la tragedia una maduración malograda. Un nene obediente que creyó que con aceptar las reglas explícitas de la sociedad mantendría su lugar descubre que no hay una instancia últi [...]

    23. I read this in English over the summer for a seminar about shame and honor, and it didn't grab me. But I loved Ajax in Greek.Sophocles came much easier to me in Greek than did Aeschylus, which is curious because 'Prometheus Bound' is supposed to be "easier". The language is amazing in ways I can't really explain.I had the privilege of studying this in Sheila Murnaghan's class, and she is that rare combination of brilliant/funny/approachable/tough that makes for a great professor. She's also genu [...]

    24. I was really excited to read this story. I was expecting something more of an epic tale of war and destruction, but I got something a little different. I still relatively enjoyed it, just not as much as I was hoping I would.Ajax is the story of well, take a wild guess, and follows the last moments of his life- involving Odysseus praying to Athena for him to go blind and insane, which he does and eventually kills himself. A lot of the imagery and dialogue conveyed through Ajax shows just how much [...]

    25. Es imposible que califique con menos de cuatro estrellas a algo que involucre mitología griega. Tengo debilidades, como todo el mundo. Esta obra se lee rápido y tiene un argumento muy claro (incluso algunos personajes ayudan a reponer detalles que quedan por fuera, ya que empiezain medias res ). La historia de Áyax me pareció interesante por uno de sus tantos mensajes. Si en aquel entonces existía algo peor que no creer en los dioses, eso debía ser desdeñar su ayuda. Ahora tengo muchas m [...]

    26. I read E. F. Watling's translation.A beautiful tragedy by the greek master Sophocles. The dialogue is very smart and concentrated, the characters - specially Ajax and Teucer - perfectly presentd although it seems that both were part of lost Sophocles' play.As all greek tragedies you must be ready to understand the importance of the burial's procedures in the ancient Greece as a key element in the plot.

    27. This is an extremely easy to read and powerful version of a tragedy by Sophocles. The book includes a thoughtful introduction, notes, and glossary - the reader incidentally can pick up quite a bit of information about life in classical Greece from reading this book, which supplies many interesting insights onto life/attitudes in antiquity. The play itself compactly conveys the political and social circumstances of the mythic/Homeric suicide of the hero Aias (or, Ajax, as he's known in the Latini [...]

    28. I absolutely loved this. I am slightly biased about Ancient Roman and Greek literature, because I have a penchant for it (as well as most of modern Western society, as they will apparently fund a company named "Erinys International"). The epic narrative runs through our Western blood, and has shaped most of our cultural values. So I am trying to objectively strain out its influence; weighing words as though I did not know the ancient source. But ironically, I began obsessing over epic narratives [...]

    29. Kada sam konačno završio seminarski na temu Ajantove tragike, pokušaću da tih 14 strana (isprva beše 17, no moralo se to skratiti) da ovde u vidu nekoliko crta predstavim. So, let's get down to businessΑἴαςVredi li šta drugo reći? U samom imenu sadržano je čitavo biće Ajantovo, taj urlik koji je na nekom nivou jači od Ahilejevog urlika hiljada grla dok se spušta na Trojance. Ajant je biće koje ide u krajnost, on se gubi u njima, ne može podneti onu aristotelovsku sredinu, stal [...]

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