The Wallflower, Vol. 1

The Wallflower Vol MAKEOVER OF THE CENTURYIt s a gorgeous spacious mansion and four handsome fifteen year old friends are allowed to live in it for free There s only one condition that within three years the guys mus

  • Title: The Wallflower, Vol. 1
  • Author: Tomoko Hayakawa David Ury
  • ISBN: 9780345479129
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • MAKEOVER OF THE CENTURYIt s a gorgeous, spacious mansion, and four handsome, fifteen year old friends are allowed to live in it for free There s only one condition that within three years the guys must transform the owner s wallflower niece into a lady befitting the palace in which they all live How hard can it be Enter Sunako Nakahara, the agoraphobic, horror movie loviMAKEOVER OF THE CENTURYIt s a gorgeous, spacious mansion, and four handsome, fifteen year old friends are allowed to live in it for free There s only one condition that within three years the guys must transform the owner s wallflower niece into a lady befitting the palace in which they all live How hard can it be Enter Sunako Nakahara, the agoraphobic, horror movie loving, pockmark faced, frizzy haired, fashion illiterate recluse who tends to break into explosive nosebleeds whenever she sees anyone attractive This project is going to take than our four heroes ever expected it needs a miracle

    Wallflower, Vol Lesson My Fair Bishonen From the director of Excel Saga comes the anime THE WALLFLOWER which will satisfy every Bishonen J Rock fan out there The popular episode anime is based on the manga series by Hayakawa Tomoko and serialized in Bessatsu Friend in Japan and by Del Rey Manga in the US and is now being distributed in the US by ADV Films. The Wallflower manga The Wallflower Japanese , Hepburn Yamato nadeshiko Shichi Henge, lit.Perfect Girl Evolution is a manga series written by Tomoko Hayakawa.The individual chapters have been serialized in Bessatsu Friend since , and in tank bon volumes in Japan by Kodansha.The series was licensed for an English language release in North America by Del Rey Manga and in The Wallflower Tomoko Hayakawa The Wallflower Tomoko Hayakawa on FREE shipping on qualifying offers MAKEOVER OF THE CENTURY It s a gorgeous, spacious mansion, and four handsome, fifteen year old friends are allowed to live in it for free There s only one condition that within three years the guys must transform the owner s wallflower niece into a lady befitting the palace in which they all live How To Serve A Vegan Afternoon Tea Wallflower Kitchen How To Serve A Vegan Afternoon Tea Yayy I ve loved tea parties my whole life since my great aunt loves to host them and has given me a few of her really beautiful tea sets I m also an avid tea drinker but it hasn t been the same since I went vegan a few years ago. Bob Dylan s Greatest Hits Vol II Bob Dylan s Greatest Hits Vol II, also known as More Bob Dylan Greatest Hits, is the second compilation album by American singer songwriter Bob Dylan, released on November , by Columbia Records.With Dylan not expected to release any new material for an extended period of time, CBS Records president Clive Davis proposed issuing a double LP compilation of older material. Enchantae_Vol__Ep__to__The_Trip.pdf Scribd Scribd is the world s largest social reading and publishing site. AAA Anime is a distributor to retailers only. Featured Items Samurai Deeper Kyo Complete Collection Litebox w Tee Shirt DVD Captain Harlock Classic Collection Vol Manga Ancient Magus Bride Vol Manga America s Greatest Hits Expanded Edition, Vol by Listen to your favorite songs from America s Greatest Hits Expanded Edition, Vol by Various artists Now Stream ad free with Music Unlimited on Bob Dylan s Bootleg Series Vol to be reissued as a LP collection coming in Jan The first in Sony s long running Bob Dylan Bootleg Series releases s Volumes is to be reissue on vinyl for the first time in years The tracks when span the period will be pressed on g vinyl and come accompanied by a page booklet. Songs The Official Bob Dylan Site Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies First Release The Bootleg Series, Vol The Basement Tapes Complete First Played Last Played Times Played

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      407 Tomoko Hayakawa David Ury
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    2 thoughts on “The Wallflower, Vol. 1

    1. Tomoko Hayakawa , Hayakawa Tomoyo is a Japanese artist and writer, best known for her ongoing manga The Wallflower, which has spawned both an anime and a live action series.

    2. When the going gets rough, it's time to turn to manga! Allow me to pimp out one of my favorites series of all time.The Wallflower has long been a favorite manga series of mine, it's got beautiful artwork, absolutely gorgeous men (HELLO REVERSE HAREM), a grumpy, evil, and seriously dark heroine (you can probably tell I like her), and surprisingly enough for a reverse haremjust the right amount of romance. It's fucking adorable. There is no love triangle, despite the reverse-harem premise.**note: [...]

    3. One of my favorite manga series ever! The best way to describe The Wallflower is bizzaro and effing hilarious. It's the story of a gothic, agoraphobic, slasher movie fanatic named Sunako who busts into nosebleeds whenever she sees beautiful men (i.e. Creatures of Light). Her social circle is limited to her beloved "dolls" (a skeleton named Josephine, and two anatomical figures named Hiroshi and Akira. One day, her dark and horror film filled life is turned upside down when her aunt recruits four [...]

    4. This manga is CUTE hahaWallflower manga Review"Story & Playability"Wallflower also known as Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge has a story line that is not something too extrodinaire but something that assumes and an everyday life but with a twist to it. At first when Kyohei and Sunako meets each other (along with Takenaga, Yukinojo and Ranmaru) for the very first time they seem totally incompatable but gradually as episodes come and go they seem closer to each other than any other pairings in th [...]

    5. Deficits All Expectations. Sigh. 2.5 wasted stars:(Perfect Girl Evolution/ The Wallflower is about an “ugly” (read: perfectly beautiful but unpolished, the boys have partial blindness perhaphs) girl who happens to live in an awesome house. Enter four spectacularly gorgeous(um, no, not really) boys who wish to live in that house, and chance on a lucky opportunity by the landlady to live rent-free in the palacial mansion, but on one condition: to turn the wallfower, who is also the niece of th [...]

    6. Life lesson from The Wallflower #1: When reading about ridiculousness and prettiness one should always be humming this: youtu/Ye7PIyIcCro Your Welcome. XDFirst exposed to The Wallflower through seeing the first couple episodes of the anime I found the story and art style to be interesting but most importantly it was funny, over the top, and seemed to be coming from completely out of nowhere. I'm glad to see that this correlate even more so in the manga.It took me a bit longer then I expected to [...]

    7. I loved it!! So bizarreoss-dressing teenage boysoraphobic, slasher film-obsessed girls sex-for-hire auction posing as posh host clubI mean, when will the madness end?!? I can't wait to read volume 2!

    8. Me and my manga-reading aunt both love this series.XDCrazy plot, crazy setting and equally crazy sense of humor are at work here. And the four pretty boys are much more than just eye-candies, though the mention of their huge army of fangirls and those fangirls' extreme behaviors are always oh-so over the top.Outside of the manga itself, the author Tomoko Hayakawa's undying love for the Japanese Visual Kei male rock star Kiyoharu is just equally hilarious! She loves him so much that she basically [...]

    9. This review is kind of representative for my feelings of the series as a whole. I'd stopped reading around volume 16 because I got tired of waiting for something to happen. I'm somewhat OK with series that are supposed to be zany Ranma 1/2 type series where it's supposed to be a zero hour setting where it's more about getting in repeated madcap adventures than telling a plot line. I just got a little bugged because at times this series would progress in the plot, then have Sunako regress almost [...]

    10. I tried to read this because I'd heard such great things about it, but I hated it. The art was ugly, I couldn't tell one boy from another. The main character is extremely unlikeable. She tries to murder one of the guys with scissors and everyone is cool with it, no one thinks she needs psychiatric help. I quit reading in disgust after she befriended a serial rapist because they were both "misunderstood". Waltz Tango Foxtrot doesn't come close to describing my reaction.

    11. Okay, I'm officially fangirling over this shojo manga series, like hardcore. The characters are flippin' adorable-ness with a topping of SO DAMN FUN! The lead heroine, Sunako, is pretty much my definition of Misfit Weirdo, and I love her like mad for that fact! I'm obsessed with how this series is so character driven, and I'm practically drooling at the mouth to get my hands on Volume 2. Much drool; all of the drool.Yes, yes, the plot is a bit simplistic in that it's the "Four Hot Guys Need To T [...]

    12. Overall Rating: BSynopsis: A Shōjo comedy/romance manga created by Tomoko Hayakawa. At the beginning of the manga, Sunako Nakahara confesses her love to a boy, who utterly rejects her and tells her she's ugly. As any reasonably young person would do, Sunako then discards all traces of her femininity, and retreats into odd and morbid hobbies, such as collecting skulls. Fortunately, Sunako's aunt owns a mansion that four gorgeous boys live in (huh?). Apparently, the boys pay rent to live in the m [...]

    13. Yesterday, I broke down and bought Volume One, since B&N was out of Charlaine Harris's vampire series' books I was looking for. Anyway, it was worth the wait (and the cash). (Except now I have to buy volumes 2-17). I love the drawing/ art style and the story is amazing. The series is about a girl named Sunako who has shunned all things beautiful (including caring about herself) ever since the first boy she told she loved called her ugly. Two years pass, and Sunako's aunt decides she needs he [...]

    14. I recently bought all 36 volumes of this manga at Boston Anime, so I'll be working my way through this series! I've been watching the anime and am almost finished with that, but I'm sure the manga goes way past that, so I'm really excited. This first volume introduces Sunako and the other main characters. If you've seen the anime, it's pretty close to that, but more serious. The anime is seriously crazy at times, so I kind of appreciated the more serious feel to this. (Don't get me wrong, things [...]

    15. Blood. Ghosts. Creatures of light! No, this isn’t a vampire-horror graphic novel. This is a wacky story about 4 hot guys with a mission to turn their landlady’s homely neice into a stunner, so they can get free rent. But when the poor thing looks like the girl from the movie The Ring, do the boys even have a chance? You’ll have to read the rest to find out. You’ll be laughing and cheering through out the whole series.

    16. I'm waiting for this. I don't like only in manga. I watched yamato nadeshiko when I was grade 6 student and that was years ago. And it happened that I watch it again today and OH I FELL IN LOVE what now? it's 2012 and yet there's still no new season. Yes, Yamato Nadeshiko is still on going and we can read manga online but what the hell!! What can i do with a book?? IT'S NOT EVEN MOVING! THE CHARACTERS ARE NOT MOVING. in short, THERE IS NO EMOTION!! I miss the voice of Kyohei Takano >_<

    17. Reviewed by delil1 (TCRC)Bishonens (super hot, teenage guys) Kyouhei Takano, Takenaga Oda, Yukinojo "Yuki" Toyama, and Ranmaru Morii all live together in the mansion of miss Nakahara. when her niece moves in she gives the boys a choice they could start paying full rent or they can turn her niece the gothic loner Sunako Nakahara into a lady. witch leads them into all sorts of wacky situations and accward positions in there atemp to make her into whay her aunt wants her to be.

    18. Originally read 16.July.2011Almost 5 years later, I have finally bought the second volume, and seeing as I really didn't remember much from the first time I read this, decided it was time for a super quick reread. My original rating was 3 stars, but I think imma have to up that.

    19. I wasn't too sure about this manga at first because the art style is different from what I usually like (the main character usually appears in her little chibi form). But the story is hilarious! Goth girl vs the pretty boys.

    20. I am not a shoujo fan in the slightest. I haven't a clue what made me read this series, but I couldn't be happier I did. YNSH is absolutely hysterical (although chibi!Sunako appears a bit too often for my liking).

    21. i'm only adding one because the series is long but FUCKK sunaku-chan is the most hilarioussssssss antisocial likkle gurll ever, i love it. oh noes! creachhhauurs of the light!

    22. I love it The Setting are very Beautiful My friends told that I am Sunako Can you believe it? But, I really love it Its amazing comic I want to be a rising Sunako I wish >_<

    23. A really great series. About 4 bishies (young man) who need to makeover a girl into a lady in order to get free rent. Yamato who is into horror is resistent to the idea. A funny series.

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